Rail solutions

Rising demands in reliable and high-speed transport gives rise to manufacturing problems which are addressed by our intelligent polishing and grinding robotic solutions. Some of the solutions include:

  • Surface finishing of nterior rail furnishing and equipment
  • External carriage finishing
  • Quality control

Automotive solutions

Renowned smart factories within the automotive industry have implemented these intelligent robotic solutions to conduct complicated and burdensome tasks while increasing throughput.

  • Chassis surface finishing: grinding and deburring
  • Engine modules deburrring, polishing and gluing
  • Polishing of exterior vehicle features
  • Welding
  • Wheel alloy deburring, polishing

Aerospace solutions

Implementation of intelligent robotic systems for leading aerospace institutions to give precise and accurate finishes to the production line.

  • Chassis grinding and polishing
  • Quality control
  • Internal equipment and furnishing

General solutions

Internationally leading manufacturing industries have integrated these robot solutions to assist factory workers in manufacturing and assembly lines to create modular parts for various applications.

  • Cookware
  • Sound equipment
  • Household Items
  • Office appliances