Who We Are

Our Mission

To bring turnkey solutions to various forms of industrial automation problems.

CSF Robotics is committed to changing the automation industry  through the unique implementation of its expertise in robotics and surface finishing.

Our story

CSF started when a small group of world class electrochemists and materials scientists came together with the purpose of supporting industry with their decades of experience in electroplating, polishing, surface preparation and robotic engineering.

Since that time with a mindset of attracting the best recruits to each area of the company, CSF has designed and built leading edge, world class equipment supporting manufacturing and automation all over the world.


CSF Robotics founds itself upon these 4 core values:
  • Aspire
  • Accountability
  • Innovate
  • Teamwork
  • 1999 Company founded
  • 2004 CSF first robotic polish cell manufactured
  • 2005 CSF developed passive compliant flanges for linishing and polishing
  • 2006 CSF developed CS-RP01 constant force polishing machine
  • 2008 CSF won an important contract with TESLA and successfully entered the TESLA suppliers list
  • 2009 CSF won a contract of LENSO (Thailand) regarding deburring and polishing project of wheel hub
  • 2010 CSF upgraded CSF-RP01 constant force polishing machine, reduced cost and improved performance
  • 2011 CSF first private Investor purchased 10% shares of CSF company
  • 2012 CSF's export sales exceeded the domestic market for the first time
  • 2013 CSF company was sold to a private investor in Australia
  • 2014 CSF open major agencies in Mexico, Europe, and the Asia Pacific
  • 2015 CSF export sales grew to 82% of the total sales
  • 2016 CSF was acquired by ASD and in the same year developed a compliant flange for polishing
  • 2018 CSF established joint venture in Shanghai Qingpu